An overview of 4 days of filming in Turin, where we followed Pierre during the Transborgaro event.

All participants are looking forward to it every year and now we understand why. Old rivals have become good friends and everything is about having a good time: enjoying fine Italian food, sharing the passion for motocross and picking up stories from their glory days. With the highlight being the race on Sunday.

More than 12,000 fans came here to see their old heroes again. Not only on the track but also to chat with them in the paddock, where an excited atmosphere could be felt from early in the morning. The list of big international names was long, including Broc Glover, Brad Lackey, Danny Laporte, Doug Dubach, Joël Smets, Chuck Sun, Mark Velkeneers, Jeff Stanton, Arno Drechsel and of course Pierre Karsmakers (as the oldest participant).

The race is mainly about being able to have a good ride again, they say, but most can’t suppress their built-in urge to win as soon as the starting gate drops. This came up in every interview we had and they had to laugh about it themselves. Some even lay awake the night before because of it, just like in the old days. They are still boys and it’s just in their blood, they can’t help it. Beautiful.