The creators

Niek Pennings

I was 11 when I was allowed to use my father’s camera. Immediately I knew I had found my great passion: filmmaking. After some education, training, internships and jobs at Omroep Brabant, MCM and SBS6, I became a freelancer. After contributing with camera and editing work to TV programs and music videos for TMF, RTL4 and TROS, among others, I founded the production company Beeldzeggend in 2007.

Shooting beautiful, balanced pictures that capture the right emotion and ultimately melting them into a story that touches. That makes me happy. Feeling that I am working on my hobby every day, I give 100% on every project to create that experience.

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Monique Fuchs

As a little girl, I watched the men on TV standing behind a camera with admiration. I think I was about seven years old when I exclaimed that I wanted to do that myself. It took a while, but in 2010 I finally started working as an independent “visual designer”. Over 10 years and many different projects later, I now know where my heart lies: making films that touch the viewer.

The challenge for me as a filmmaker is that people really ‘show themselves’, and dare to show their vulnerable side on camera.

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