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The story of “The Flying Dutchman,” the Dutch motocrosser who fearlessly and diligently dragged in one prize after another. The man who took the bold step to go to America in the 70’s and made the sport great there. His contribution and achievements in this “American dream” earned him a cult status which led to an induction in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2014.

This is the story of Pierre Karsmakers: a down-to-earth and humble man, who experienced unprecedented successes, but also unprecedented lows. A sportsman pur sang who always (and still) rode his motocross bike out of passion and for whom his bike has become an extension of himself. A story of determination, courage and perseverance. A story about the impermanence of success and the fragility of the ‘icon status’. And the story of constantly reinventing yourself and facing new challenges. Until the “Flying Dutchman” slowly landed and was finally able to give more time and attention to perhaps the most important chapter in his life; the love of his wife and children.

Now past 75, the urge to win has tempered a bit, but his love of motocross remains. And so Pierre still rides every week, because his credo is:

‘You don’t stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding’


American and European version

There will be an American and European version of the documentary. In the American version, the common thread is the fact that in 2023 it has been 50 years ago that Pierre won the AMA 500cc championship and the first 500cc Supercross. In the European version,  it’s Pierre’s participation in the classic Transborgaro veteran race in Turin, Italy.

From this common thread we look back on Pierre’s motocross career through his own eyes but also through those of former rivals, team mates and friends. The premiere of the American version is planned for late 2023. The European version will initially air as a 9-episode tv-series on the Dutch television network Omroep Brabant. Further broadcastings will be updated on this website.

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