Shooting day #13 | From rivals to brothers-in-law

If there is anyone who knows all about Pierre and his motocross career, it’s his brother-in-law Gerrit Does. The man who once brought the BMX sport to the Netherlands. They met in the 1960s at the motocross tracks and not much later became family and best friends when Gerrit married Pierre’s sister Mieke. Thanks to Gerrit, there is an extensive archive of all Pierre’s achievements, including lots of footage.

Of course, his story could not be missing, so we spoke to him at home in Waalre where he has lived for over 50 years next to the former parental home of the Karsmakers family. We are very grateful to Gerrit because his contribution has been an invaluable help to us from the very beginning!

(The photo above shows Pierre and Gerrit at Pierre’s induction into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2014)