A very successful first day in Turin, Italy. We follow Pierre here over the next few days during the 40th edition of the classic Transborgaro race. The highlight, as always, will be the veteran race on Sunday where old motocross heroes meet again at the starting gate.

After arriving at the hotel and an initial inspection of the track, we were able to start building the interview setting. In the evening we joined the traditional photo session with all the attending racers. There was a friendly atmosphere and we as a camera team also felt welcome right away. The distance you might expect with some of the big names just wasn’t there; everyone was happy to talk to us and the planned list of interviews for Saturday quickly grew longer. It was a great experience to meet all these motocross heroes in one day!

Pictured above standing left to right: Pierre Karsmakers, Broc Glover, Jeff Stanton, organizer Bruno Morselli, Mickey Dymond, Dan Fitch. Seated left to right: Chuck Sun, Doug Dubach, Brad Lackey and Danny Laporte.