Jan de Rooy’s motocross history is perhaps less well known than his achievements in motorsport and Paris Dakar rallies, but he was successful in that too for a time.

In his office in Son, we spoke with him about the time he and Pierre regularly met while training at the former racetrack in Waalre. And about the fitness training he did for a while with Pierre because he wanted to improve his endurance. However, Jan soon stopped the tough daily training sessions at 6 a.m.

He had a talent for the sport, but after the motocross races Jan liked to have a beer, which was totally against Pierre’s attitude: alcohol was taboo and going out was out of the question. He did train hard to reach the top. After all these years, the contrast between the two hasn’t changed that much, although Pierre can enjoy a good glass of whiskey these days.

The cool thing is that as a result of this conversation, they will probably soon be having a glass together and reminiscing about the old days.