[Photo above: Pierre at the Transborgaro race in November 2023]

The last interview we had for the Dutch documentary was with Pierre. For him (and us) it was a bit of a challenge because to ask him about the whole story of his career takes some time. And Pierre is not exactly a sit-down guy, something we already knew from the teaser shots. The temperature in the workshop didn’t exactly help either, but with regular coffee and warm-up breaks, we finally got there.

Although it’s not something he’s eager for, Pierre is a good storyteller, and when recalling all the memories we saw him smiling and reliving emotions regularly. From his very first cycling cross races and glory days in America to lows in New Orleans and Dakar and accepting that success is finite. But also that new happiness was found in another form of riding motorcycles.

The urge to win is no longer there but he still seeks out challenging trails on his enduro rides in the Ardennes. These sometimes end in a ravine, which until now has always ended well fortunately. Riding is in Pierre’s blood and if it’s up to him, he’s not going to stop anytime soon.