Last week we spoke to Pierre’s offroad friend since 2005, Willy Wientjes. They got to know each other personally during that year’s Paris Dakar Rallye, but Willy had followed Pierre for years before that during his motocross career. It quickly clicked between them in the bivouac where the drivers came together after the day’s rides.

A Dakar Rallye is not for everyone, especially in the early years when things were much more primitive and dangerous than in the later years. Pierre and Willy are cut from the same cloth in this regard. They drive on, even with a broken collarbone if necessary. That’s probably why they still get along so well in off-road driving. No matter what happens along the way, their slogan is “we always come home again.” On their own, that is. When it comes to this, we see the same fervor in Willy as in Pierre, and he can’t seem to stress enough that giving up is not in their vocabulary.