shooting day #1 is a wrap! For the shooting for the teaser of the film, we were with Pierre today at his workshop in Waalre. Here he still tinkers with his motorcycles almost daily, and the location is much like a private museum. The photos and trophies found here blatantly betray Pierre’s successes, although he himself is very modest about them. But as soon as the old stories come up, his eyes immediately begin to shine.

In building the setting, we had help from brother-in-law Gerrit. He is a walking encyclopedia regarding Pierre’s career and thus an indispensable help for us by now in the whole research phase. We also learned right away that sitting still is not Pierre’s strong suit. Even though he is almost 76, he still runs back and forth between his stool and the toolbox like a young man. Because even though filming is going on, the tinkering must go on. For Niek, therefore, it was occasionally challenging to get the right shot. Maybe next time we should just tie him to his crutch for a while….